How To Determine Your Asking Price When You Sell A Used Car

You may be wondering how you are going to determine the selling price of your old car if you want to get rid of it. Getting the highest price for your car is obviously going to be your main aim. The problem though with setting the price too high is that you will put potential customers off. But if you put the price too low, then you are not going to get as much as you could. It is rare for anyone to get the price they are looking for when it comes to used cars because most buyers will haggle for a lower price. So when it comes to pricing your used car, you should ask for a bit more than you really want to get for it. If you want to work out the selling price of your old car, then the tips below should be useful.


  • You will want to find out how much cars of the same make and year as yours are selling for. You will have to find the average selling price as well as the top selling price. You will find the information you need in car classified ads both on and offline. Don’t forget to factor in your car’s condition when working out the price. It is very unlikely that you will get anywhere near to the top asking price if your car is not in good condition.


  • You have to decide if your priority is selling the car quickly or for the most profit as possible. When it comes to getting the quickest sale, you will not want to price your car much more than the average price. However, if you don’t mind waiting then pricing it higher is possible.


  • A good idea is to start off asking for the higher price. If you can’t find a buyer at this price, then you can lower it until you do.


Should you happen to be trying to find used cars for sale, it is always best to carry out an effective investigation before hand. Good investigation helps you find only the finest models available. Once you have finished, you could find youself driving away from the dealers in a used car.

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