How To Outsmart A Used Car Dealer

Used car dealers make their money by their great ability to sell cars. They are experts at talking to people and getting them to spend their money. These people could probably sell ice to the Eskimos. That is why it can often be hard to get the upper hand when dealing with a used car salesman but it can be done provided you know what you are doing. If you want to outsmart a used car dealer, then the following are just a few of the ways this can be done.


  • Don’t allow them to control the conversation. Make sure you are constantly asking questions and don’t let them fob you off.


  • Be firm with the seller if he or she tries to steer the conversation towards personal observations or questions. The seller will act like they are your best friend, but they aren’t. The truth of the matter is that they are just hoping they can get you to buy a car from them. By keeping the focus on your personal life it allows the seller to control the conversation. They will also be working on winning your trust; something you don’t want to happen.


  • Bear in mind that you want to buy a car that you choose yourself and not one that the dealer would like you to buy. These guys will usually have a car that they want to get rid of, and this will be the one they will try to get you to buy.


  • Make sure you know the average selling price for the car you want to buy before you approach a used car dealer. You will want to ensure that you are getting the price dropped so you need to bargain hard; aim for a twenty percent reduction. You probably won’t get this, but if you bargain hard you might get close. Never pay the full price that they are asking for the car.


  • The dealer may try to fob you off with extras but don’t allow this to happen. You will always want a good cash reduction before you start talking about any freebies.


When you think that it is time to look out for used cars for sale, you’re always better off trying to groundwork your cars or trucks before you start. This basic research enables you to get the best autos available for each category you look at. When your investigation is conducted, you can very well end up with a great used car.

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