The BMW M Series: Drivers Cars

The BMW brand is much converted by car lovers and non car lovers alike, the German marquee it seems only comes second to ultra exclusive sports car makes in terms of how well respected they are. In fact when it comes to speed and luxury, BMW have the market pretty much nailed. While the prancing horse’s cars are built around passion and soul, the drivers passion for life can certainly be sapping when trying to steer one of these through central London.. Have you ever tried to plot a Tessta Rossa over a series of speed bumps? Probably not but it bet it’s tough.


Aside from the obvious disadvantage of owning a supercar, the price, they come with plenty of other foibles that can override the prestige of driving one around town. Navigating the UK’s congested roads is a challenge enough as it is without having to manoeuvre 150k worth of aluminium and carbon around, all the time fearing it will be scratched.


BMW have spotted this gap in the market for quick cars that are equally comfortable being thrown around on the track as they are taking the kids to school. BMW’s M badge represents their motorsport division and deals exclusively in making their everyday road cars into roaring beasts. BMW’s M division deals exclusively with taking regular cars in the BMW range and transforming them in road hungry beasts. The BMW 5 Series for example as been adapted with a bigger engine and up rated suspension and brakes to form the M5.


In more ways than one, the M5 rises above similarly powered Ferrari rivals in many areas, the only thing it lacks compared to the prancing horse is that X factor. The 5 series is available with gap insurance if you lease, which I highly recommend, and is the total opposite to something like a Ford Fiesta

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