The Reasons Why I Chose A Used Car Over A New One

I recently made a purchase of a second hand car. I had the money to buy something new, but in the end it made more sense to choose something used. I must admit that I do love sitting behind the wheel of something brand new for the first time, but it is also nice to sit behind the wheel of a nice new used vehicle. The sense of pride that I got with this particular car was amazing to be honest. The following are some of my reasons for going for a used car instead of a new one


  • I managed to pick up a luxury car at a very reasonable price because it is second hand. The car I bought is only two years old but the price I had to pay was lower than half the amount that I was quoted for a brand new model. The car is in superb condition and the only thing that I missed out on was the plastic on the seats and that new car smell. I could never have justified paying the amount they wanted for a brand new model and probably could not have afforded it either so I am delighted with this purchase.


  • The fact that this car is not going to depreciated in the same fashion as a brand new car would is another reason why I chose to go for a second hand car. The worth of the previous cars I bought fell as soon as I left the showroom and within one year the value was halved. My new car won’t depreciate in the same rapid fashion because of the fact that it has been built to last. I’m sure if I tried to sell it today, I might even make some money. I did get a very good deal for it.


Whenever you think that you’re ready to seek out used cars for sale, you could end up much better off by comprehensively researching the cars that appeal to you. This analysis allow you to find the best autos available for each type you look at. And once you finally finish your exploration, you might find yourself leaving the auto delears with a tremendous used car.

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