Vehicle Sales Vis–Vis The Net

Vehicle sales in different continents have different models, unalike in official laws and cultural influences. Their negotiation processes and steps similarly differ in pretty much the same demeanour as their promoting structures.

Buying an auto or selling an auto for an Australian would be a frustrating process if conducted in the Philippines in much the same fashion that a Chinese will be lost in the process if he buys or sells a car in Europe.

These processes on the way to buy a car ( or selling it ) in different nations or continents are printed, in capsulized form below.

North America. Valid features of US and Canadian auto market :

  • New vehicles are retailed by franchised dealers, though some of them also sell used cars. As a required supplemental service, they also have trained car experts and financing.
  • Makers are prohibited to become involved in direct car sales by franchise laws that require that only dealers may sell new cars.
  • Trade-ins are also typical practice giving a purchaser maximum monetary advantage.
  • Extra services offered sometimes create more profits than the primary business of auto sales.
  • U.S. Fed. Law needs a sticker on every new auto with the price and the vehicle’s features on it.

US statistics show that seventy pc of car purchases come from Internet research. Buyers may be able to compare features of automobiles, costs and discounts dealers offer within the area and therefore adeptly negotiate better costs, unwittingly bringing down the already tiny profit markups of dealers averaging 2%.

Australia Automobile brokers control the domestic automobile sales market. They’re experts who help purchasers find the right automobile for them. They may either be licensed or personal but are nonetheless engaged by vehicle dealers for their experience in bringing in sales.

The influence and popularity of the Net, somehow parallel to that in North America, is effecting an evolution of the operation and structure of car sales in Australia.

China. As an emergent economy, China has developed its own vehicle selling structure and physiology through the 4S ( Sales, Spare parts, Service and Survey ) shops which are the only outlets authorized to sell brand-new autos.

Compared with other countries, profit markup in China is very high at around ten percent, down to non-transparent invoice price and further fees for fast delivery.

Europe. Auto sales structure in Europe is more complex so as to stop unhealthy competition among European Union member-states. Cars and spare parts are sold thru networks of distributors as ruled under Commission Regulation ( EC ) NO 1400 / 2002 of July 2002, applied Nov 2002.

In summary, the web has largely influenced not only automobile sales but other industry sectors also. If the trend goes on the way that it does with today’s commerce and industry, it will only be a matter of time till we find that all our actions and even our thoughts are thoroughly dependent on the web. Like robots we’re going to become. Are we prepared for an entire world of automated humans with “artificialized” intelligence?


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