Mobile Car Tint & Home Window Films

window tint filmsWe are an auto, residential and business glass tinting company serving Phoenix, Arizona, and the Valley of the Sun. Whether a customer is looking to remove and replace old tint or have their windows tinted for the first time, our professional technicians have the skills and the know-how to get the job done. In order to provide our customers the best value for their money, we use only the highest quality products for all their tinting needs, including Solargard films.

We offer free price quotes and the top warranty in the industry. In addition, all customers are also eligible for our 10% Reward Program, which allows them to apply 10% of their total bill toward their next purchase from us. This means they can have their home windows tinted and save when they decide to tint their auto glass as well.

Having window tint films professionally applied to your home or car windows can provide many benefits, from decreasing cooling costs to providing privacy for you and your family. If you are considering having the glass in your home, auto or business tinted, give us a call today. We will come to your home or business for a no-charge quote.

The summer sun contributes significantly to increased energy costs in Arizona. Tinted window films can provide substantial savings in the long run for many customers. These films reduce the amount of heat that can enter a home or business, meaning the bill for cooling the space is much lower.

Everyone knows how damaging the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be to sensitive skin, but people often forget that they also damage other things. Upholstery, carpet, window treatments and even art investments in areas of high sunlight can fade and begin to develop sun rot in just a few years. Residential window tints prevent this damage by stopping the sun’s rays from shining on the items. Tint films are available in a variety of colors and make a good alternative to window coverings such as shades and blinds.

The tints can also provide privacy and control glare by restricting almost 80% of the visible light from coming through the glass. Especially at night, these tints make it difficult to see from the outside into the home, but the view from inside is unobstructed. In fact, the films increase the visibility when looking out from the inside, making it easier to keep an eye on pets or children in the yard.

Cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles are not only uncomfortable in the hot summer sun, they can be dangerous. Everyone who has ever lived in Arizona knows the feeling of getting into a car that is more than 120 degrees and not being able to touch the steering wheel because it’s so hot. Window tinting can help keep a vehicle cool and prevent this situation.

Tinting provides privacy for both vehicle occupants and the contents of the car. Tinting the windows of an automobile reduces the chances the vehicle will be targeted for theft, as well. When items inside the vehicle cannot be seen by would-be thieves, the car is less likely to be broken into.

In Arizona, tints can be applied to vehicle windows that allow as little as 35% of the light to filter through. In addition, they block almost 80% of the sun’s most harmful UV rays. This helps protect passengers from skin cancers and other sun-related diseases.

In many cases, tinted windows raise the value of a vehicle. They come in a wide variety of colors, and can range from a mirrored reflective finish to matte black. This adds style to the look of any car, and future buyers are willing to pay more for a vehicle that looks better.


Auto Window Tint Prices


2 or 4 Door Sedan $170

2 or 4 Door Hatchback $180



Standard Cab $130

Extended Cab $140

Crew Cab $160


Vans & SUV’s

Full Size $200

Mid Size or Minivan $190


Removal of Old Tint $50 w/ New Tint