$50 CASH w/ any Windshield Replacement Claim

Ahwatukee No Fault Windshield Replacement Insurance ClaimReceive $50 Cash (at time of service) with any $0 deductible  windshield replacement auto insurance claim. To qualify you must carry full auto glass coverage on your Arizona comprehensive insurance policy.   Due to the the low monthly premium for this additional auto glass coverage many Arizona policyholders’ carry this coverage without even knowing it.

Arizona is one of the few states that offer a separate deductible (most cases a $0 deductible) for this kind of coverage. In fact, insurance companies by law must provide the option for full auto glass coverage to all Arizona comprehensive insurance policyholders. If you carry this coverage, Ahwatukee Auto Glass will give you $50 Cash and there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs for you or your insurance company.

If your windshield is cracked, by Arizona State Law, you can go to any licensed auto glass repair facility to have your windshield replaced. Whether you choose Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement or another auto glass repair facility it is your right to do so. Insurance companies or insurance agents cannot force you to use their preferred auto glass repair facility. However, many insurance company representatives and/or agents may recommend you to choose an auto glass company that they prefer or one who is a member of their network.

In some cases, your agent or insurance representative may be receiving kickbacks for these auto glass referrals. So, it’s always best to go to the auto glass repair shop directly to start your auto glass insurance claim. However, Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement is a proud member of most insurance company networks including Safelite Solutions and LYNX Services.

Call us today and we will guide you through the insurance auto glass replacement claim process.  The process typically only takes 15 minutes or less and most of the time you can receive same day service.