Windshield Rock Chip Repair FAQ’s

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Windshield Repair Frequently Asked Questions


What does a windshield chip repair involve?

Windshield chip repair involves fixing either a crack or chip on the windshield. The windshield repair shop will make sure there is no water or dirt on the area that is to be repaired and then fill the hole or crack in with a clear resin.


How exactly is the  windshield repair process done?

Windshield crack repair and windshield chip repair are both done in the same way. In most cases, only the outside part of the windshield has been damaged. This area is then cleaned out so that dirt and debris will not mix with the resin. Once the resin has been applied to the crack or chip, it will harden and dry. This ensures that the car can be driven safely and it is returned to the same structural integrity. However, windshield repair will not restore a windshield to its original beauty. You will be able to see where the crack or chip occurred.


Is a windshield chip repair or windshield replacement the best option?

A lot depends on how badly the car windshield has been damaged. Take the car into a windshield repair shop and have it checked. If the crack or chip is relatively small, then it should not be hard to repair. In most cases, Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement can repair the windshield if the break is smaller than the size of a business card.


Will all signs of the windshield damage be eliminated?

No, you will still be able to see between twenty and forty percent of the original damage. While the car will be safe to drive, the windshield chip repair will not make the break fully disappear.


Can a windshield repair job be redone?

Once a car windshield has been repaired, the job cannot be redone. The resin will harden and becomes part of the car windshield. Once the resin has been in the windshield it cannot be removed, not even by another windshield repair company. It is important to understand that a windshield repair company cannot guarantee that the car windshield will show no signs of damage when the repair is completed. A lot depends on the type of crack or chip that was incurred. The longer the car windshield has been damaged, the more visible the damage will be after it has been repaired. For this reason, many windshield repair shops advice people to have a car windshield repaired right away.


Is it risky to repair a broken windshield?

Repairing a cracked or chipped windshield is not risk free. To repair a crack or chip, pressure has to be applied to the windshield. If the crack is already spreading then there is a chance that the pressure will damage the windshield further. A repairman will usually warn a client that this can happen before the windshield is repaired.


Is the above mentioned risk a common occurrence?

It is not common for a cracked windshield to run under pressure, especially if the crack does not have existing runners. However, this risk is common to all windshield repair shops.


Will a windshield chip repair prevent further damage?

Yes, it will. Having a windshield repaired will prevent the crack or chip from spreading further and causing more damage.


Is the work guaranteed?

Ahwatukee Windshield Repair offers a guarantee for every single windshield repair job that it does. If the repair is not successful, then it is free. If the damaged area breaks further from the point of repair, then the cost of repair will be applied to the purchase of a new windshield.


How long does it take to fix a windshield?

As was noted above, the resin used to fix a windshield dries in a matter of minutes. The average windshield repair job takes around half an hour, although a severely damaged windshield may take longer to repair.


Can I wash the windshield after the repair?

You can wash the car’s windshield as soon as the repair job has been completed.


Will my car insurance pay for a windshield repair job?

Car insurance will usually pay for a windshield repair job, but you should always check your insurance policy to make sure that this is the case. If your insurance will pay for the work, then Ahawatukee Windshield Repair will bill the insurer directly. You do not have to pay a dime. Start a windshield repair claim now and Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement will take care of the rest.


How much does it cost to repair a car windshield?

A windshield reapir costs $39.95 and any additional rock chips on the same windshield will run $10 each.


Will the mobile service cost more than bringing a car to the repair shop?

Our mobile repair service is free of charge. It will not cost more to have a repairman come out to where you are than it would for you to bring the car to our windshield repair shop.


How can I Prevent a crack or break from getting larger before it is repaired?

If a windshield has been damaged, then it should be repaired as soon as possible. While you can avoid further damage by not using the AC and avoiding bumps, there is not a lot that can be done to prevent further breakage from occurring.


What should I do while waiting for the windshield to be repaired?

Keep the windshield clean and dry. The cleaner the windshield is, the faster it will be to repair. Covering the damage with a clear piece of tape can help prevent the damage from getting further contaminated.


Can a wet windshield be repaired?

A wet windshield cannot be repaired. The resin will not set properly if the windshield is wet. If the car is brought in on a rainy day, then a repairman will dry the car’s windshield thoroughly before attempting to repair it.