Windshield Rock Chip Repair Process

Ahwatukee Windshield RepairWindshield chip repair is one of the tasks that require focus and detail to every single detail of the repairing process. This involves the removal of air and tiny debris on the cracked or broken windshield, and the replacement of such with clear resin. The resin is then exposed to ultraviolet light for rapid hardening. Once hard enough, the material restores the integrity and strength of the car windshield preventing the impending inconvenience of having a broken one. However, this process can only be done to materials that are of laminated glass, as the resin is intended to be placed in-between the two layers of glass to make and keep the ultrastructure intact.


Windshield Chip Repair

One of the things one needs to consider in repairing a broken windshield is the size of the problem: the crack. It is often easy to repair if the break is smaller than the size of a business card, and beyond that, it is best to have your windshield replaced. But if it is the size of a credit card or something smaller, it is worth trying to fix it. But, always remember that repairing the break does not always refer to regaining what was lost. Repaired windshields do not always end up looking brand new when completed, but it would suffice just so the thing could serve its purpose of protection. Typically, a repaired windshield will clear up about 60%-80% and will regain the original structural strength.


Pitted Windshields

If the windshield damaged area appears to be where the surface of the laminated glass gets pitted and the top layer of glass is not fully broken through, then it is possible that the windshield requires a different remedy. The problem here is that the clear resin has nowhere to be inserted because the top layer of glass has not fully broken. In these situations, we can perform a pit fill to bring the glass back to a smooth surface however it is not really necessary unless you are looking for just a smoother finish. Windshield rock pits do not run any risk of spreading from the point of impact because it is just a surface pit and did not fully break the windshield.


Sand Blasted Windshields

Some windshields will get extremely pitted overtime due to Arizona’s dirt roads, sand storms, and daily driving in the Arizona desert. Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement refers to windshields that are extremely pitted to be “sand blasted”. Sand blasted windshields are not repairable and should be replaced. When a windshield is sand blasted it can cause sun rays to extend from these small pits causing the driver of the car to be blinded during certain conditions. These driving conditions are very unsafe for the driver and passengers of the car and should be addressed as soon as possible. Most insurance companies will replace a windshield that has become sand blasted under comprehensive coverage. Many policyholders carry glass endorsements with a $0 deductible on their comprehensive insurance policy without even know it. Therefore, a car windshield replacement would not cost the policyholder anything. In fact, with Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement, we will pay you $50 instant cash for having your windshield replaced with us. Visit our Windshield Insurance FAQ’s page for more information about your insurance company and windshield replacement claims.